Disruption through Digital Footprint

Deriving digital nourishment from latest trends and technologies: Poshnee Tech, is an upstart, with focus on disrupting traditional markets and marketing strategies. The age of digital platforms has instilled in us the passion for fueling the business growth using emerging technologies, solutions and tracking consumer journey.
Businesses, in today’s age, cannot lose the sight of the transformation of social outreach from conventional to digital means. We, at Poshnee Tech, generate audience-targeted leads, complying with TCPA and DNCLs registry requirements. Conversion of leads is further undergirded by confirmations and reconfirmations.
• Lead Generation
• Digital Platforms Development
• Reconfirmation
• Data Analytics & Visualization
• Web Analytics
• Cross Platform Development
• Graphic Designing
• Animation
• E-commerce
• ORM(Online Reputation Management)
• BLOG Maintenance

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