Digital Marketing Services – SEO & PPC Management

Digital Marketing Services – SEO & PPC Management – Want to Transform Your Digital Presence and 4x Your Revenue? Meet Poshnee Tech—Your New Partner!Poshnee Tech. is a full-service digital marketing agency, offering services to an array of businesses. From content marketing to PPC and from lead generation to online reputation management, we take care of all—and like more than pros!Here is a sneak-peak into the services we offer, with the lowest price in the market and guaranteed results. Don’t believe us? Allow us to prove ourselves.

Search Engine Optimization
Work on both on-page and off-page optimization techniques to get your business at the top of all major search engine results.

Data Analytics
Be driven by data, predict the future growth trajectory, and bridge the gaps in your marketing strategy through actionable insights.

Social Media Marketing
Ideate, create, and implement social media campaigns that increase your brand’s prestige and engagement multiple times. 

Paid Ad Campaigns                                                     
Perfect your sales funnel through search engines to see immediate traffic and results through Google and Bing Ads and amplify your brand awareness through Facebook Ads.
Content Marketing 
Conceive and generate new and relevant content for your website, blogs, eBooks, and social media platforms to build trust and boost audience activity.
Online Reputation Management 
Build the online reputation management that you have always wished. Handle what is being said about you and your business in online spaces and spin the whispers into your competitive advantage.
Email Marketing
Generate new leads and retain existing customers through email marketing campaigns, and integrate the whole facets of digital marketing in those campaigns to maximize the results.
Customer Support Services and CRM  
Connect and monitor with your customer base through every channel they use. Make them not only loyal clients but build lasting partnerships with them.
Website Design & Development
Optimize user experience through flirting with the user interface of your website! As well as making your website responsive and up-to-date with the latest developments.
Localized Approach to Your Business 
As the user behavior is evolving, so are we! Your primary customers are in your vicinity and that is why we target, retarget, and pitch your services to those that matter—through our local SEO techniques
Feel like taking your digital presence to the next level?
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While we talk, we will give you a free assessment of your digital presence – SEO, Website Design, Speed Score, Social Media, and Content, as well as your competitors. At no cost to you!
A sample of what our audit report looks like can be accessed here (hyperlink audit report).