What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very effective digital marketing strategy. Sending emails to expected customers is what email marketing is all about! A highly customized email to the right prospect is most likely to attract him or her towards your business whether online or offline. Provided with what he or she is looking for, this acquired prospect is expected to convert into your customer, thus boosting your sales.

Facts and Figures

According to research, email marketing has a 4400% ROI. As stated on Statista, “While roughly 281 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2018, the figure is expected to increase to over 347 billion daily mails in 2022.”

What Do We Offer

As a digital marketing agency, Poshnee focuses on creating the best possible emails reaching out to the best possible customer for your business.

We’re Here To Help

Businesses today cross borders and regions, so you need