Grow Your Business with Poshnee Tech

Grow Your Business with Poshnee Tech

It is 2021. What worked a decade ago, or in fact just 5 years ago, may not work as efficiently as it did earlier for your business growth. With markets fast evolving and consumer behavior changing, businesses need to respond in kind. Today, almost all of us are connected to the World Wide Web, with marketing tactics swaying us one way or another. Who wins at the end? Those who can tap into the pain points of consumers, thereby converting them into regular paying customers.

That is what Poshnee Tech. can do for your business. We are not only armed with the latest and state-of-the-art tools to help your business grow and evolve, but we also know what the right tools for your business are.

We provide an array of services that can enable your business to have a conspicuous digital presence. ‘Disruption through digital footprint’ is not just our catchphrase; it is what we do, it is who we are!

Lead Generation

If you are a startup or an established business, you do need leads for your business to grow! That is what we do best. Having a systematic approach to generating leads, we carefully perfect every stage of the lead-gen funnel. Your regular traffic is converted into leads. We do so by enticing your potential buyers with powerful lead magnets, directing them to your website, and eventually seeing off them with the receipts of your products or services in hand! Don’t believe us? Let us give you a demo. Grow your business with poshnee tech.

Content Marketing and Strategy

If digital marketing is an emperor’s court, content is the throne on which the king sits! We know the importance of content. To realize your objectives, we create an exclusive and bespoke content marketing strategy for you, utilizing the content in ways that stirs the emotional chord of your customers. Whether it is copywriting, blog posts, how-to-guides, eBooks, brochures, landing pages, website content, social media captions, or video content, we make sure it is what your potential customers like to read—or watch.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Every day, more than 300 billion emails are sent and received, most of them for marketing purposes. Email marketing is still a vital part of online marketing. If anything has changed, that is the approach to the prospective customers. At Poshnee Tech., our email marketers create campaigns with the right content that lands directly in the customers’ Inbox, giving your business a much-needed stimulus to grow.

Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is a must for all businesses today, irrespective of their sizes, markets, and audience. But it is not just the presence; it is the right presence—the presence that converts the prospects into your loyal customers. Whether it is running ad campaigns, or maintaining your social media handles to grow your organic reach, we are your one-stop, cost-effective solution.

Web Development and Design

Your website’s aesthetics, visuals, usability, user- and device-friendliness are factors essential to your business’s long-term online success. In fact, “75% of people have judged a company’s credibility based on its website design.” Tell us your needs and we’ll develop and design your website according to the theme of your niche. Fast, responsive, aesthetic, and robust website that gives your visitors a unique experience.

SEO (Global as well as Local)

There are about 2 billion websites on the internet, 400 million of them are active. It is estimated that Google handles 3.8 million searches per minute, making the total of 5.6 billion searches a day. For a business to come on top in search engine ranking, effective search engine optimization is the tool to go with. Our SEO experts can do the task like no one. In a defined time, your website will appear in search engines, based on your market—if it is global or local. And yes, we always use the whitehead and updated SEO techniques!

Customer Relationship Management

Want to make the most out of your budget and still not compromise on the quality? Let us be your partners! We provide telemarketing, CRM, call center, transcription, and billing services; we handle your phone calls, SMS, emails, social media, online chats, and much more. We have dedicated teams for each country, notably the UK, the U.S., Canada, and Australia. It is you who will set the goals; it is us that will achieve them.

Why Poshnee Tech.?

Here is what makes us your ideal partner. True to our values, we serve our clients with utmost dedication—we are fond of building long-lasting partnerships and not just relationships.

Poshnee’s Four-Miles Rule (No Conflict of Interest)

We do not take two clients from the same area, having the same vertical as yours. Our purpose is to rank you top in your intended market through local SEO.


Someone in your area of operation searches “best dentist near me” in search engine bar, we try our level best that it should be you to be on the first page. How could we do this when we have other dentists from your area we are working for?

Unlike other agencies, we decided that we will give the best of our services, whether it is local SEO, social media handling, or content, to only one client in the same market, so that no conflict of interest arises.

Once you sign a contract with us, we would not entertain your competitors within the 4 miles radius of your practice location.

A Comprehensive Marketing Plan

While doing digital marketing for you, we prepare an all-encompassing strategy, to begin with.  From giving a reply to a consumer on social media platforms and their handling to writing blogs, landing pages, ad copies, eBook, brochures, how-to-guides, whitepapers and finally to graphics, animation, voice-over, explainer, and marketing videos. All is done in-house by our skilled team. We adapt fast to what is going on in the market on your behalf. We analyze your service, needs, competitors, goals, and your market’s reach, and craft a digital marketing strategy that would best suit your needs.


We apprise our clients on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly basis, or as per their preferences. We assess their needs and goals and respond promptly to changes taking place in the digital ecosystem. We keep you in the loop about      real-time analytics, reports, growth, and future strategy. You define the goals for us; we strive to surpass them.

Integrated Approach

Marketing is “identifying, and satisfying customer needs profitably.” Capitalizing on your content through social media, making the most of your lead magnets, warming and nurturing your leads, guiding them on every step requires an integrated approach. Equipped with the resources that give you optimized solutions, Poshnee Tech. applies all the available tools and resources in a coherent way to achieve your desired goals.


Innovation is what we take pride in. The resources we have with us are highly qualified, having the ability to think out-of-the-box and devise unique and new strategies that would best suit your requirements. We free you from the hassles of micromanagement; all you need is to give us the contours of your objectives and we’ll make sure you reach them.


Winning the customers’ hearts need sheer creativity. What tool to employ, at what time, and how? We use data analytics and insights to get into your prospect’s mind, change their perception of you, and finally give you what you want. We do not confine ourselves to clichéd approaches; our team tends to be creative, research-oriented, data-driven, and explore avenues through which they broaden the reach of your products/services.

In-House KPIs

Other than what you set, we have a quality assurance team that oversees the whole mechanism. They monitor the key performance indicators, both for the individuals and teams. They excel at plugging the loopholes and suggest the possible paths for improvement. What differentiates us from other agencies is our self-accountability.

Market and Competitors Research

Market—audience—is the hallmark of a sound digital strategy. Pitch your services to the wrong market and the efforts are useless. Next to that, it is very important for you to stay up-to-date on what your competitors do in online spaces and how. What are their strengths and weaknesses; how do they carry out their business? As for what the law allows, we keep a check on them and strive to stay ahead in the game. Our research team is constantly evaluating the performance of our clients as well as their competitors to bridge the possible gaps in our strategy. It is our data-driven approach to your business growth that keeps us apart from others. Grow your business with poshnee tech

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