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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social media is an incredibly effective and useful tool for businesses. And even more so for healthcare services. People crave useful and credible content, and that is what you can provide—such as awareness campaigns, combating misinformation, answering questions related to your domain, etc.
With a strong social media presence, your reach can grow manifold, and that too without paid ad campaigns. For instance, developing an organic targeting strategy only via Instagram’s direct messaging helped a San Francisco-based The Costa Group close more than $750,000 worth of real estate deals. Then comes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other platforms. Done with an integrated strategy, social media alone can turn around your revenue.

Our strategy consists of three simple steps.

Bespoke Social Media Strategy

Not all businesses are the same—and neither are their audiences. We formulate a bespoke strategy based on your business model and your audience’s behaviors. Working with multiple teams—sales, marketing, designing—we develop a comprehensive action plan that could actually work. 

Attracting Prospects

We help convert your brand fans into loyal customers with engaging, responsive, credible, and captivating social media interactions. We delve into the psychology of your potential audiences, tinker with posts, hashtags, mentions, and stories, and encourage the audience to follow your page

Retaining Customers

While we are at attracting your prospect, we lose sight of your existing customers. ‘How to retain them’ is an essential part of our social media strategy. From a solid and timely response to letting them be proud of your customers, we take care of all!

Analyzing the Data

We are driven by data. We constantly monitor our performance, the efficacy of our strategy and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Based on actionable insights, we rethink the process, refine our strategy, and refocus key messages accordingly.